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we like to make stuff

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10/3/07 04:20 pm - aliiyf - Ornament Swap

Just an FYI for you guys -- the ladies from Freshly Blended and Cake & Pie are gearing up for their second annual ornament swap. I participated last year and while it was a bit of a drag making a zillion small fabric Christmas trees [which you can see here] it was very cool to get a variety of ornaments from other folks all over the world. Check out last years Flickr pool for some inspiration. Sign-ups will start the first week of November!

9/26/07 11:23 pm - jenniferarrr

I finally got some wool to make a knitting bag. I used the pattern from knitty for the felted french market bag and some noro kureyon wool I got on ebay.

The only change I made to that pattern was to lengthen the handles a little bit. I initially attempted to full the finished product in the washer, but it only got it about half way. Another try in the tub after letting it cool down with less soap and some hot-hot-hot water produced a better result, although any tips for getting it felted further would be greatly appreciated! Apparently the brand of wool I used can be tricky to felt, so maybe that is my problem. I also followed the instructions of the pattern and put towels in which resulted in little bits of towel all over my project. I would not recommend using towels!

I'm quite pleased with the finished product. It's large enough to hold my needles and current projects. I'm pondering making a little pocket with the left-over wool to hold scissors and tapestry needles and the like, but I'm also considering lining it for extra durability/no-needle-pokey-throughness. That might be a bit ambitious though, I'm useless with fabric and thread.

Large Photos below the cutCollapse )

I got most of the way through making a scarf for the fruit challenge, but then got bored making the leaves. I'm not good with tedious knitting :P Someday I'll finish it and post photos.

9/2/07 05:37 am - loree_borealis - Cat post/platform

A few weeks ago, my spouse and I started an uncluttering campaign. We tossed/donated a large pile of things, including my old desk. In the process, we got rid of my cat's favorite perch. See, the desk had this sort of raised platform area where Gabe could sit and feel superior and look out the window if he chose. Since the uncluttering operation, he has been perch-less, leaving him kinda cranky and at the mercy of the dog's pestering. So. Yesterday, we decided to construct a new kitty cat platform just for him.

Here is our process, and our results:

There's creation! And mayhem!Collapse )

Gabe AFTER. I think he's happy. He slept up there last night.

Future plans: We hope to staple the remaining section of carpet to the thing in such a way that the top part has a little edge around it to support him if he wants to lean against it. We also hope to hang a curtain or something down between the top and middle sections so he can peek out from a safe spot. I might also try to decorate the bottom posts, or cover them in rope as well. The bare wood is OK, but boring. :)

8/22/07 10:42 am - jossish - challenge extension

I said this in a comment, but I am extending the inspiration project thing because, er, well, I haven't done it yet and now I won't get a chance to for a while. I hope some people at least have ideas - I might end up posting a sketch of what I would have done rather than actually making anything because I don't know what craft stuff I will be moving out with me, so I think that could be nice too if you can't quite move yourself to actually create, or you know what you'd do but can't get the supplies or what have you. I'll post another picture for September anyway, just in case the fizzy fruit didn't move anyone to do anything.

8/21/07 06:20 pm - jossish - box of delights

Since I am moving out to Gren's place only temporarily, I decided I needed a box to bring a selection of my jewellery in. Currently my jewellery all lives in a shoebox (and on the earring frame, obv) so I need a better storage solution altogether, but as a temporary measure, a box will do. I didn't have a nice box though, so I decided to decorate one. I bought a box and some scrapbooking paper, and I went to work! I couldn't decide what pattern I wanted, so it has one inside and one outside.

4 picturesCollapse )

Hooray a finished project that didn't take very long! The only kind I ever do finish, alas.

In other crafty news, the embroidery is very nearly done, and I've bought all the components to turn it into a pillow, so that might be tomorrow's task. I haven't used a sewing machine in a couple of years though, so I'm wary of it all. We'll see.

8/20/07 09:26 am - aliiyf - Two Quickies [Image Heavy]


8/19/07 10:42 am - meedja - Idea

Ok, I'm being stumped by the lack of supplies anywhere around here for the inspiration project, but is that really going to stop me starting something else? Even if I encounter the same issues (which I will). Of course not.

So, on Friday, I finally decided to go to the Hen Party dressed as an England rugby player, and contrary to popular opinion, didn't get any trouble for it. That's not the point though. I got myself a mini rugby ball to carry as an entertaining prop, and realised that with a bit of work, it could become quite a useful and amusing handbag. I'm now ripping & cutting the guts out of the ball, to see what I need to do next. Fixing a zip & handles could be interesting without a heavy duty sewing machine, but I'll give it a try. That's what strong glue's for, right?

I figure if I can make a reasonable job of it, and iron out any major problems, there might even be money to be made from them round here. People take their rugby far too seriously. And if I can do rugby balls, US footballs won't be any harder. Soccer balls will, but that's another challenge for another day.

Am I stupid? Is it impossible? You tell me.

8/16/07 12:22 pm - jenniferarrr - Non-challenge crafting

I finally got organized and made myself a small pencil case to go in my purse. I meant to take photos as I went to show the process, but a) I am lazy b) the batteries in my camera were dead and c) I get kind of caught up in creating and forget to stop and do stuff like that. It's knit with hand-spun samoyed hair and lined with some sort of silky stuff that I pinched from my boyfriend.

description of processCollapse )

The finished product!

two more (larger) photos below the cutCollapse )

In retrospect I would make it a bit larger... I didn't take into account the fact that the lining would reduce the amount I can put in it.

8/16/07 02:40 pm - aliiyf - Craft the Vote

Hello quiet little community! I'm working on my project for the challenge -- if having settled on an idea but still looking for the time to do it counts as working. In the mean time, here's a link to some interesting politically inspired crafts via Slate. Launch the slide show to check them out. Link.

8/5/07 12:08 pm - jossish - Birthday cards

Check out my amazing photography skills wherein I have cut the bottom off one of the cards. Awesome.

Anyway, I have a big three-way birthday party coming up in a couple of weeks and I thought while I was fired up with craft enthusiasm I'd make cards for the two people I know (they're all people from uni but one of them graduated before I started and I've only met him once, so he doesn't get a card). The purple one at the top is for my ex-housemate, and I'm quite pleased with it although the lettering is a bit shoddy because I did it by hand and halfway through colouring in the gold realised it would need an outline. Biro doesn't work that well over gold ink, you'll be shocked to know. I'm hoping the fact she loves me will cancel out the crappiness.

The bottom one is for my lovely friend whose birthday was actually in July, hence why I haven't made it an overtly birthday-y card. I figure by the time it's nearly a month after the birthday, it's probably a bit off to make it birthday themed. I'm going to write him a lovely message inside, but I feel like the front needs something else. I really tend to make overly minimalist cards, or really fussy ones, and I'm trying to temper those tendencies to make a balance. (The little voice in my head is saying I either shouldn't have put the borders on the sides of the purple one, or I should have put on a background before I did the flower and the writing, etc).

Anyway, I have no idea what else I can put on the front, so I'll probably just leave it as a bit random and abstract unless anyone has any ideas. Ideally the bits on the front would have been pictures of something but I could only find old postcards of Chicago, which didn't seem terribly apt, so they're just textured paper instead, which is pretty dull.
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